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Fundraising Campaign Choices

Direct sale


  • High profits
  • Products from $1 to $5
  • Free personalization

« Hi! Would you support our school by buying this delicious chocolate? »
We have all heard this question many times!

The campaign spans over 2 to 4 weeks. Our website offers a free management software tool to help you keep track of results, and print end-of-campaign sales reports.

Contact your local Lamontagne representative to organize your next direct-sale campaign!

Build your sucess


  • Seller's choice of product: better participation!
  • Your custom product selection.
  • Orders packed and labelled per seller: easy distribution!

« Dear parents, what would you like to sell? »
« Build your success » is THE simplest way to fund-raise.

This innovative program allows your participants to choose what they want to sell, fitting all tastes and budgets, and making this flexible campaign the easiest you'll ever run!

Three easy steps!

  1. Select your products :
    Why be limited to just one item? Choose up to 6, including one of our exclusive catalogues.
  2. Custom online order form:
    Our interactive online tool lets you create, customize and print your order form in full colour. Hand it out to your participants, then send us their orders in the pre-paid envelope we provide.
  3. Easy management:
    Lamontagne tallies, labels and packs each individual order with the participant's name, and class or group number, for easy distribution. A full comprehensive campaign report is provided with your order.

Contact your local Lamontagne representative to organize your next "Build your success" campaign!

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