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Terms and conditions



Shipping fees vary depending on the region and the total amount of your order. They are calculated when the order is processed and are attached to your shopping cart. If nobody is present to receive your delivery, a notice will be left and you should retrieve your package at the location indicated. Lamontagne is not responsible for the storage of your package by the carrier, so no claims will be accepted if the products if affected by improper storage. Since some products are fragile at high temperature, we reserve the right not to ship in hot weather. You will be notified in advance in such a case.

Processing time and delivery

Please allow 48 hours processing time for preparation and packaging of your order before it can be shipped. The delivery time depends on your location in Canada.
Lamontagne delivers through Dicom or GoJIT, with a delivery time ranging from 1 to 7 business days (depending on your location in Canada).
Please count from 1 to 3 business days, plus the processing time of 48 hours, if your delivery address is in Quebec or Ontario, and 4 to 7 if your address is farther.

Please note that chocolate product deliveries are suspended between June 24th and September 1st due to the warm weather during summer season.

Can you deliver your products to the U.S.?

No, Lamontagne delivers to Canada only.

When will my order is processed? When will it arrive?

Orders received and paid before 15h (EST) are processed the next day.
Orders received and paid after 15h (EST) are processed in two days.

Shipping delays in maximum days
Provinces Preparation time Shipping time Total
Prince Edward Island 2 4 6
Newfoundland 2 4 6
New Brunswick 2 4 6
Nova Scotia 2 4 6
Quebec 2 2 4
Ontario 2 3 5
Manitoba 2 4 6
Saskatchewan 2 5 7
Alberta 2 6 8
British Columbia 2 6 8

Return Policy

Do you accept returns of merchandise?

The Lamontagne Quality Control team checks your order with the utmost care. However, if you are not satisfied upon receipt of the products in your order, please email us with your explanations (48h). We will inform you of the procedure according to the reason given (broken during shipping, product freshness). You can choose to either replace the item or receive a credit note for your next order. No checks will be issued. Please keep the damaged items, you must return them to us (at our expense) for proof.


I'm allergic to nuts, but I love chocolate. What can I do?

In accordance with Canadian food regulations, all our products are labeled with the Nutrition Facts panel, allergens list and ingredient list. Please check this information carefully before consuming the product.

What is the best way to store chocolate?

The ideal temperature for storing chocolate is around 15-18 Celsius with a humidity of 50-60%.But do not put chocolate in the fridge! Since this product readily absorbs odors, we recommend just wrap them carefully in plastic wrap.

Authorized usage of the certificates

The certificate may only be used as follows:


Certificates issued by Lamontagne have no activation fee or expiration date.

Uses of the Certificates


  1. Go to www.lamontagne.ca and click on the «Certificate»» button
  2. Enter your certificate number and click on «ACTIVATE»
  3. Write down the amount and your customer’s name in the appropriate fields
  4. Give the certificate to your customer

Certificate balance

For information related to the certificates’ current balance, contact 1 800 567-3435.

Other types of reimbursements

Subject to the mandatory provisions under the applicable law, the certificate cannot be reimbursed, redeemed for cash or exchanged in any way other than those described herein.

The full reimbursement of the certificate will be sent as soon as possible after the receipt by Lamontagne of a reimbursement demand for a certificate issued to replace one or more unavailable products.

Risks of loss

The risks of loss and the property of the certificate pass to the consumer at the time of delivery. Lamontagne is not responsible of any loss, destruction or damages arising from the loss or theft of the certificate, including, but not limited to, when the certificate is returned by mail to Lamontagne following a reimbursement demand, or use without prior authorization. Lamontagne makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the certificate.

Fraudulent use of certificates

In the event that a certificate is used fraudulently or in a manner that does not comply with the present policies, Lamontagne reserves its right to refuse or cancel the payment made with the certificate and demand for another payment methods prior to the shipping of the purchased product. Resale of certificates to third parties is prohibited.

Liability of Chocolat Lamontagne inc. pertaining to certificates use

Lamontagne and its representatives make no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the certificates, including, without limitation, any warranty or conditions, express or implied, with respect to said certificates, their merchantability or a particular purpose that differs from the uses provided for herein. In the event that a certificate would be non-functional, for any reason, the only responsibility of Lamontagne will be limited to replacing the certificate.

Moreover, Lamontagne assumes no liability for any problems, failures, technical malfunction of the network, the computer online systems, the telephone device, the software, the servers, the providers, the emails, the browser, the platform, the website or the online store that might occur, including, without limitation, transmission problems or non-transmission of any order, regardless of the cause. Lamontagne is not liable for any incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by users of the online store or the equipment and/or programs associated or used by Lamontagne or by any technical or human error that could occur during the entry of the order on the website, including typographical errors.

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