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Nut free products
it's possible

Lamontagne believes that nut allergies are a serious issue and put their commitment behind their belief.

NUT FREE !!!!.................. To make it mean all that it should in order to fully protect those with nut allergies or anaphylaxis a great deal of planning, financial investment and corporate commitment must take place.

  • Lamontagne took up the challenge and "made it happen" in 2001. They began by building a specific
    production area in their peanut-free facility, then in 2008, a totally separate facility was constructed, dedicated to the manufacture of nut free product.
  • A separate facility demanded that a dedicated group of employees were assigned to work ONLY in that facility.
  • A separate receiving dock receives guaranteed entirely nut free ingredients coming from selected suppliers.
  • Before any product is even considered for purchasing, suppliers must provide a detailed list of ingredients as well as lab analysis results, to comply with QA's tough specifications
  • Regular analyses are performed by an outside lab, on incoming ingredients and finished product, for every production lot: each lot is identified by a unique number and fully traceable from production to delivery.
  • At all times, whether the manufacturing process is underway or not, no visitors can enter that facility. Those who wish to observe may do so from a catwalk located outside the production area, through a special shatter-proof window.
  • The packaging process is entirely separate as well to ensure that no opportunity for error will occur.

This facility has been recognized as state of the art; so much so that a well known international chocolate producer reserves a portion of the production time in that facility to have the Lamontagne staff produce and package selected items from their offerings. There can be no greater compliment than that!


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